Facilities At Shanti Morada

swimming pool in North Goa

O-3 – The Ozone Pool

The perfect place for our guests to relax and sunbathe is at our swimming pool in North Goa. The pool is naturally aerated and cleaned with the most innovative technology. Instead of using chlorine the traditional way, we keep our pool crystal clear and clean it by using the latest Ozone Pool technology. We are one of the resorts in North Goa with swimming pool that runs on the latest innovations to keep the turquoise pool spotless!

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Cue Lounge
The Cue Lounge is specially curated to cater to our guests who like to have fun and loosen up with a glass of chilled beer. This lounge has a laid-back atmosphere to help our guests relax. 
It houses antique hookahs, a pool table, and a few other indoor games. Adorned with beautiful antiques, this lounge is the perfect place to spend your evenings with friends.

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Shiva Lounge
The Shiva is a rooftop lounge that provides our guests with an atmosphere to relax in. It is magnificently decorated with warm wooden hues and contrasting ivory walls. The room is adorned with plush common seating areas overlooked by a large picture of the Hindu God Shiva.
This magnificent lounge is easily the best lounge near Goa.

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Barco Hull Lounge
The Barco Bull Lounge is a marine-themed lounge. Tinted in hues of contrasting blue and ivory, it reflects off majesty and comfort. The occasional pop of color adds a quirky touch. An old used boat restored and polished to serve as a bookshelf is the highlight of the lounge.   
Come and enjoy spending your time at the best lounge in Goa.

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Telhado Lounge

The Telhedo Lounge is yet another rooftop lounge offered by Shanti Morada. It is beautifully designed to cater to the various needs of our guests. It offers individual seating areas, and is one of the best lounges near Calangute Beach!