Celebrations At Our Resort In Saligao, Shanti Morada

...Family... Friends...Life...

At Shanti Morada, we believe that Celebrations infuse passion, spirit and a sense of purpose to mundane everyday life. It summons the soul of human existence. Thus we place utmost importance to festivities of all kinds and celebrate them with gusto. Our culture teaches us to honor every new beginning as well as an end with a unique commemoration, Indian culture is beautiful that way. 

At Shanti Morada, we have the provisions for hosting a memorable event. The beautiful, lush green surroundings make for a tranquil retreat, perfect for special weddings or get-togethers. Our staff is highly trained to ensure that your event runs smoothly like that of the sweet couple Bob Collins and Liz Bird.

Shanti Morada welcomes you to come and enjoy our excellent service and great hospitality at one of the best beachfront wedding venues in Goa. 

We make your event memorable since every small event should be celebrated because of the possibilities they usher.

Come make memories with us. 

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