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Revisit History with Shanti Morada – One of the Best Boutique Resorts in Goa

Indian and Portuguese heritage intertwined with each other to weave the cultural fabric of Goa. It was a quaint, predominantly fishing town until the mid 70's era of hippie culture catapulted it into prominence as the 'trance destination'. Goa is much more than meets the eye. Sprinkled with sun, sand, and legacy, this cultural melting pot is the ideal destination to inculcate a sense of belongingness with the rich heritage of India. 

Situated at the heart of this charming state is Shanti Morada, one of the best boutique resorts in Goa

Shanti Morada, meaning 'quaint dwelling', offers a kaleidoscopic picture of the tradition and Portuguese-influenced architecture of Goa.
We, at Shanti Morada, imbibe the rich sense of Indian hospitality and work tirelessly to offer the best of services to our guests.

Dwell within Serendipity - Rooms near Calangute Beach

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"I pay my obeisance to you  O' Lord Nidra, who resides in all living beings" - these words inscribed in the Bhagwad Gita, pays homage to the God of Sleep.
Rouse your mornings with a positively charged atmosphere at Shanti Morda.
Let our rooms spiritually energize you so that your day ahead is full of prosperity and peace.

Peaceful and full of positivity, our rooms near Calangute Beach are crafted to mimic the essence of all things that define the Indian culture and tradition. All the rooms are individually crafted and named in accordance with the service it provides. Marigold, for instance, is draped in a tinge of yellow and orange to reflect the deep affinity of Indians towards that particular flower. While the room named Ganga is a homage to the great river Ganga.


Relish on Culinary Masterpieces at our Calangute Beach Restaurant


Goan cuisine is an Indian and Portuguese culinary culmination. Enriched with the spices of Southeast Asia and Portuguese love for blood sausages, Goa is at the forefront of a food adventure. 

We, at Shanti Morada, believe in the mantra, " One cannot think well, sleep well, work well if one has not dined well." Thus, our Calangute beach restaurants prepare the most lip-smacking delicacies with the freshest choice of ingredients. 

The Lantern prepares a delicious range delicacy for the most discerning of palates in the most hygienic way possible and aims to provide a serene ambiance for our guests to dine in. Your search for a relaxing yet entertaining way to dine ends at the best jacuzzi pool bar in Goa. The Jacuzzi Pool Bar at Shanti  Morada is the best place to have some amusement.

Festivities At Shanti Morada

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Celebrations and merrymaking are an integral part of Indian culture. Keeping in consonance with tradition, spreading joy is one of our core values. At Shanti Morada, we offer ample provisions for our guests to share their joyous occasions with their friends and family. 

Come celebrate at our resort near Calangute beach and make your special events breathtakingly beautiful.

Revitalize Yourself

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Detoxify at the fully-equipped wellness center Mandala. Mandala is a spiritual symbol highly revered in Hinduism and Buddhism as the symbol of the continuity of the Universe. At Shanti Morada, our guests can indulge in the range of services we offer at Mandala. Choose to spend a day being pampered with oil massages or experience the healing touch of the ancient practice of Ayurveda and Yoga at our yoga center.

Facilities At Shanti Morada

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Shanti Morada being one of the best boutique hotels in Goa is rarely short of ways to keep our guests engaged. Art and vintage pieces from all over the country adorn its interiors, apart from that, it houses a host of provisions to make your stay spectacular. Among the many arrangements, the most noteworthy are our lounges crafted with different themes but with the same vintage undertone. Barco Bull is a marine-themed lounge designed to provide relaxation. The other lounges are Cue Lounge, Shiva Lounge, and Telhedo Lounge.