Facilities at SHANTI HOME

At Shanti Home - our luxury resort in Tilak Nagar Delhi, we offer our guests a host of facilities and activities to indulge in. Our guests at our hotel have the luxury to choose among three exclusive lounges to enjoy a day of fun and relaxation. A fully equipped in-house gymnasium is ideal for our health-conscious guests. A travel desk to answer all our travel woes. Cookery classes to teach our guests the subtle art of cooking. A tailor to fix those last bit of nick and tuck and a gift shop to complete our travel itinerary.


Hanuman - The Gym

The Hanuman gym at our hotel near Tilak Nagar, Delhi is curated for our guests that do not want to miss out on their workout routine. This fitness center is open 24hours and is accessible at all times. Avail the benefits of yoga and meditation at with our yoga sessions at just 1000 rs per class.

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Yoga Classes

This ancient practice synchronizes the balance within ones mind, body and soul. But only consistent practice will contribute to enhance this feeling of well being. The reason people find yoga addictive, is because it helps in reducing stress naturally. Hence, Shanti Home provide yoga classes guided by experts only for Rs 1200 per hour. Relax and foster your mental calmness in our yoga sessions.

Ganesha Lounge 3

Ganesha Lounge

At SHANTI HOME, our guests can not only stay at our luxurious rooms hotel rooms in Janakpuri but also, get the change to mingle and socalise with others. Our lounges are designed to help our guests to relax as well as make new friends. The Ganesha Louge is based upon the theme of our logo. Enjoy scrumptious meals and savour all your culinary senses at our restaurant in Janakpuri. The Lantern is a silent oasis in the middle of the bustling metropolis of Delhi.

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Krishna Lounge

Krishna is often described as an infant or a young boy playing a flute and is portrayed in various perspectives. He is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and this lounge is dedicated to him. A bright and colorful hand-carved wooden idol reigns over this sitting space. Guests can find a laptop to use and read books to browse on Incredible India.


Pattachitra - The Lounge

The name Pattachitra has evolved from the Sanskrit words patta, meaning canvas, and chitra, meaning picture. A beautiful heirloom adorns the wall of this lounge and creates the perfect ambience for a place to watch television, catch up on news or a sporting event. It also has a small collection of DVD’s of both Bollywood Movies as well as Hollywood Movies.


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Travel Assistance

Fret not, at SHANTI HOME our travel desk makes your travel plans easy. We offer local Sight-Seeing, Excursions Outside Delhi, Car Rentals, Domestic Airlines Ticketing, Train Ticketing & Reservations, Taj Mahal Tours, Rajasthan Tours Car Rentals. For further assistance visit our travel desk situated at the lobby area.