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Your Journey, Our Heritage

''I asked my soul, What is Delhi? She replied: The world is the Body and Delhi is its life"  These words by Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib are an exemplary description of Delhi. Once the Jewel of Mughal Sultanate, Delhi now holds the prestigious post of being the capital of India and rightfully so. It has always been at the forefront of many historical battles as well as served as the juncture of numerous cultures. Shanti Home is a unique heritage hotel in the heart of Delhi. Imbibing the culture of exceptional hospitality of India, we offer our guests the best of comfort and luxury blended with an ambiance of heritage.

Come experience the heart of India with us at Shanti Home.


An Excellent Stay With Us

It is believed that once you visit Delhi, it will encapture your soul for as long as you live. It's centuries-old monuments treasure enough secrets to enthrall you to stay" just-a-day-more" Make your stay at this historical hotspot spectacular at Shanti Home.  We at Shanti Home offer you the most comfortable hotel rooms in Delhi so that you have a place to go back to after stumbling into history with every step you take. Rooms at Shanti Home are equipped with all modern amenities to ensure a memorable stay.


The rooms are categorized into three categories that includes a wide range of options for you to choose from. Each room is individually named to reflect a sense of the ambiance it provides. Our guests have the luxury to choose a room at our hotel in Janakpuri that is able to personify their preferences. .

Bhuj Room

Each room at Shanti Home, our luxury hotel in Janakpuri, is decorated with mesmerizing antique pieces to resonate a warm and cozy atmosphere. The rooms are also decorated with art pieces of famous artists. Paintings by Raja Ravi Verma and lithographs by Sameer Biswas adds a touch of heritage.

Culinary Delights


Savor the delicious delicacies prepared by chefs at The Lantern-The Terrace Garden Restaurant, a special rooftop restaurant at Shanti Home. The Lantern serves as a gateway to a tranquil, quality dining experience in the otherwise bustling metropolis of Delhi. It serves as the perfect venue to relax and unwind at the end of a hectic day.
The Lantern offers a variety of the most delicious dishes to cater to our guests. With pleasing music in the background serenading you while you enjoy meals prepared with the freshest choice of ingredients, The Lantern is easily one of the best rooftop restaurants in Delhi.

Facilities At SHANTI HOME

Shanti Home, our hotel in Milap Nagar, never falls short when it comes to service and hospitality. We offer a host of facilities to keep our guests occupied. From lounges to spend some quality time in, to complimentary WiFi, we have the provisions to cater to all the need of our guests.


We also have Hanuman- the Gym, equipped with all fitness instruments, for our health conscious guests. All the features at our gym are procured from Precore which guarantees finest quality and technology. 

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To maintain that occasional nip and tuck or to tailor a fully customized piece for our guests, we also house a special tailoring unit- Darzi.
Darzi houses a vast collection of fabrics and designs to choose from.



We at Shanti Home believe that to live well, it is essential to take out some time from our hectic schedules to relax and renew. Thus we have curated a well-furnished Spa and wellness center- Patra.

Patra is equipped with all the necessities to relax and rejuvenate our guests. It includes oil massages infused with antioxidants to revive your natural glow.