Things to Do in North Goa for Couples

From impeccable beaches and golden sunset views to a mystic ambience and high-spirited party scenes, North Goa proves to be an incredibly beautiful and mesmerising destination with something for everyone. There are numerous exciting things to do in North Goa for couples.

Goa is one of the hottest destinations in India that every traveller loves to visit. So while you’re planning a romantic trip with your partner, don’t miss out on these exquisite places to visit.

Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in North Goa for couples!

Let your love bloom at Calangute Beach


Calangute beach, also known as “Queen of Beaches”, is home to some of the most famous fine-dining restaurants with romantic set-ups, live music and elegant decor, aiding the perfect intimate date. The mesmerising beach views will surely add to the romantic atmosphere. The road along Calangute Beach is lined with showrooms selling authentic handicrafts from Kashmir, Tibet and Indonesia, where you can indulge in some cultural shopping with your dear one.

Things to do – shopping, boating, parasailing, jet ski ride, banana boat ride, dolphin watching.


Enjoy a private party at Butterfly Beach


Butterfly beach, located to the north of Palolem, is one of the most romantic places to visit in North Goa for couples. This beach is known for being the home of thousands of exotic and beautiful butterflies. The butterflies, palm trees and golden sands against the warm blue water make it the perfect location for you to revel in happiness with your partner. Make sure to witness the sunset here because this beach turns into a dreamland that offers otherworldly views, as the sun disappears into the Arabian Sea. The beach is barely crowded and tenders some cosy and private moments with your loved ones.

Things to do – kayaking, diving, dolphin watching, butterfly spotting, romantic walk.

Cruise on the Chapora River


The Chapora River is a perfect getaway near the backwaters of North Goa. Book a personalised cruise on a houseboat to best enjoy the scenic beauty. The emerald river band, the abundant palm trees, the majestic churches, Goan villages, fishermen going about their routine, and different species of birds soaring in the vibrantly-shaded sky are worth witnessing. Opt for an overnight trip or a day trip to Chapora River, where you can take a splash in the pristine waters and spot dolphins.


Take a walk in the old Latin quarters of Panjim


Goa is also known for its beautiful churches, so make sure to stop by this quaint little church in Fontainhas, the Old Latin Quarters of Panjim. Fontainhas in Panjim’s historic centre was established for coconut plantation by the Old Portuguese. Embrace the Old Portuguese influence in the architecture of the buildings and visit St. Sebastian Chapel, which has a beautiful white exterior. One of the most enjoyable things to do in North Goa is to spend an entire day walking around aimlessly with your partner in the Old Latin Quarters.

Plan a romantic candlelight dinner

Plan a romantic candlelight dinner date and spend some quality time with your better half. North Goa is a haven of good restaurants and pubs, which, apart from its tantalising food and drinks, are known for providing a dreamy ambience. Whether it is an alfresco dinner amidst a leafy garden or an intimate dining experience by the tranquil sea, you can find an impressive repertoire of romantic dining experiences in North Goa.

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Wonder at the Dramatic Dudhsagar Waterfalls


The dramatic Dudhsagar Waterfall, also known as ‘Sea of Milk’, is nearly 8 km from Kulem station. Its name is derived from the white waters of the Mandovi River that cascades down this waterfall. Witness the beauty of this huge and gorgeous waterfall with your partner, along with a fascinating scenic drive through lush green forests to get here. Experiencing the refreshing and beautiful vibe of this fall is one of the best things to do in North Goa for all those adventure freaks out there.

Apart from the above-mentioned places, here are some noteworthy mentions - cashew apple harvesting at Valpoi, cycling tours, ferry rides, parasailing at beaches and the fun elephant rides. We, at Shanti Morada, have curated a number of romantic experiences as well that will surprise your partner, and leave them feeling on cloud nine.