Scuba Diving in Goa and Calangute

North Goa Scuba Diving

Apart from the pristine beaches, the lively nightlife and several famous monuments, Goa is also known for a myriad of water sports available by the calming waves. Scuba Diving is one of the most popular water sports tourists opt for. In Scuba Diving, divers rely on an apparatus that helps them breathe underwater thereby allowing them to explore the alluring secrets of the great blue. Infact, the name ‘Scuba’ is an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. The equipment also comprises a pair of fins which divers use to propel themselves underwater, a mask that helps in delivering air from the oxygen tank to the diver and a diving suit that helps in counteracting the immense buoyant force of the water thereby keeping the divers from sinking.

Where to do Scuba Diving in Goa Calangute Beach?

Calangute is the prime location for scuba diving in North Goa. There are several centres that provide scuba diving packages. These packages generally range from INR 1000/- per person to 4000/- per person, depending on the inclusions of the packages. Some of the most notable centres are Goa Adventures Safari and Goa Aquatics. Both these centres offer beginner’s scuba diving packages for. If you have never been scuba diving before these two centers can be the perfect place to begin. Moreover, both these centres are in the close proximity of our properties Shanti Morada and Shanti Villa. Short drives of less than 10 minutes should take you from either of these properties to the diving centres.

Scuba Diving in North Goa
Scuba Diving

Safety Tips before You Dive:

While scuba diving can be loads of fun, it is also important to consider the fact that many have sustained minor to severe injuries while enjoying this sport. By following some very basic safety guidelines we can easily avoid such accidents and have a carefree time exploring the depths of the ocean. Here we provide some safety tips which are really easy to follow:
  • Whether an amateur or an expert, always have your instructor guide you through the winding courses underwater
  • The training for diving is given by professionals and keeping in mind their words of wisdom will always help you
  • Do not consume alcohol or any intoxicating substance before diving as it might compromise your balance underwater
  • Consult your doctors about what medicines you should take before diving
  • Try not to panic underwater and if you do make sure to alert your guide immediately before the situation becomes unbearable
  • Last but not the least, make sure to thoroughly check your equipment and apparatus before going underwater

For more detailed tips and safety procedures, your instructors will be there to guide you.

Scuba diving in Calangute
Scuba Diving at Goa Calangute Beach

What to Expect From Scuba Diving in Calangute?

Scuba Diving in itself is a unique, refreshing and enthralling experience and the location often enhances this experience. Calangute is bordered by beautiful beaches with clear calm waters making it a perfect destination for Scuba Diving and its likes. Once you take your first breath underwater your eyes will open to a whole new world, thriving under the waves. Colourful fishes, intricate corals and different species of the aquatic world make for a sight that will be etched in your memory forever. You will spot some very unique flora and fauna during your time in the water kingdom. However, do remember that harming the natural environment and its element is against the law and we should appreciate the beauty of the underwater world from a distance safe for us and for the inhabitants of that world.