5 Offbeat Destinations To Explore In Goa

Goa is the perfect weekend getaway destination from all major cities. It is perfect for couples, honeymooners, singletons and party animals. However, there is more to Goa than just white, sandy beaches and cheap liquor. Here are a few places that are generally unexplored by the majority of travellers and thus makes for an ideal travel destination.

Bamanbudo Waterfall


The magical Bamanbudo spring is nestled amidst the dense wilderness of Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. Local legend states that this waterfall gained its name after an elderly person of the Saraswat community drowned to his death at this very waterfall.

Since this place is nestled deep in the forest, it is only frequented by hikers and trekkers from Goa. A small grove with a shrine is also present about 500 metres from the waterfall. This shrine which is known as Paika Pann is where the forest dwellers pay homage to the gods. This place is located about 98 kilometres from our Villas near Calangute Beach.

Bamanbudo Waterfall near Shanti Villa in North Goa
Exterior of Fort Tiracol near Shanti Villa in Goa

Fort Tiracol


Fort Tiracol is a 17th-century structure that has successfully stood the test of time. This fort is bordered by the Arabian Sea on one side, and lush coastal greenery on the other. It was constructed by Raja Bahadur Khem Sawant Bhonsle. During the Portuguese occupation, it was made into a sea-facing fortress. Today, a heritage hotel and a Baroque-style church tell the tales of the fort to visiting travellers.

Tiracol Fort also played a part during the Goan freedom struggle. Venerated Freedom Fighter Hirve Guruji and other prominent freedom fighters were killed at this fort on August 5, 1955, for hoisting the Indian flag. A memorial honouring their sacrifice stands at the entrance of the fort. This fort cum heritage hotel is located about 37 kilometres from our Villa in Goa and has an average travel time of three and a half hours.

Cumbarjua Canal


If you truly want to explore the backwaters of Goa, then a ride through Cumbarjua Canal is a must. This 15-kilometer canal is inhabited by crocodiles and it connects two of Goa’s main rivers - the Mandovi and the Zuari. This blackwater area is generally skipped by the touring masses and therefore has a tranquil vibe around it.

The crocodiles that inhabit these waters are Marsh Muggers, a unique species of freshwater crocodile that have seamlessly adapted to the saltwater environment of Goa. These crocodiles are used to seeing humans on the regular and generally keep their distance or move away if one ventures too close to their domain. This backwater area is located about 27 kilometres from our Luxury villas in Goa and has an average travel time of 2 hours.

Crocodile at Cumbarjua Canal near our Villa in North Goa
Stone Pillars of Tambdi Surla near Shanti Villa Goa

Tambdi Surla


Explore the 12th century Shiva Temple that is present within Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. Tambdi Surla is built in a unique manner without the use of any binding materials. It is a modern architectural marvel that maintains cool interior temperatures even when the outer area is scorching hot.

Tambdi Surla is the oldest shrine in the state of Goa and is widely believed to be the sole surviving architecture belonging to the Kadamba-Yadava style of architecture. This ancient temple is located about 78 kilometres from our hotel and is one of the best places to visit in Goa.



Sinquerim is the place to be if you are looking to go on a dolphin-spotting adventure. This place is not known to many mainstream tourists and thus they miss out on a wonderful experience. These cruises start from Sinquerim, Fort Aguada and other places. Take a boat ride along the Arabian sea and spot these amazing creatures swimming about in their natural habitat. These dolphin tours only happen between the months of November and April so ensure that you plan your trip accordingly. The Sinquerim jetty is located about 7 kilometres from our Villas near Calangute Beach.

Dolphin spotting at Sinquerim near our luxury villa in Goa